TripleComp 1.5 VST x86 / x64 for PC (shareware)
- three band compression
- look ahead processing
- no pumping or coloration
- automatic attack and release time calculation
- attack enhancement
- brickwall limiter
- automatic normalisation
- 32 bit internal precision
- 16 bit dithering
- sample rates up to 96 kHz supported
- automatic latency compensation supported
- full parameter automation
- RMS display
- Sinus Wave Display Interface (SWDI)
- intuitive handling

new in version 1.5

- DC removal filter for maximum power
- fixed: compatibility issue with PowerTracks Pro (Invalid floating point operation)
- timer usage optimized
- more presets
- peak hold time "forever" and other minor improvements
- native x64 version available
TripleComp x86 has been tested with Cubase, Nuendo, WaveLab, Ableton Live and PowerTracks Pro.
The x64 version was tested with Cubase (64 bit), Premiere CS5 and Sony Vegas 9 (64 bit).
In demo mode TripleComp provides full function, but every now and then pops up a message window to remind you that TripleComp 1.5 is shareware.
  Download the TripleComp 1.5 demo !
You can get your personal registration key at for just 30 $ !
ShareIt provides 4 paying options and instant key delivery.
So registering TripleComp 1.5 should be quick and easy.
If you prefer to pay via PayPal please contact me.
Thanks for your support !

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